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dimanche 11 février 2007

Episode One

Scotch Tape, de Jack Smith 1959/62, 3', 16mm, coul., son
With Jerry Sims, Ken Jacobs and Reese Haire

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NB: la qualité est assez pourrie, VHS-rip

On the rubble-strewn site of the future Lincoln Center Ken Jacobs assembled his cast for the shooting of his epic Star Spangled to Death. Smith seized the opportunity and took Jacobs' camera to film the others cavorting and dancing around the ruins. The title arises from the piece of scotch tape which had become wedged in the camera gate. Tony Conrad credits his work on Scotch Tape’s innovative soundtrack as a revelation that informed his own filmmaking practice.
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Colin Zipp - untitled (seagull) (2005)

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untitled (seagull) is the result of numerous subtractions. The repeating clip has information taken away from itself repeatedly until nothing is left. Collin Zipp is a multidisciplinary digital/video artist who obtained his BFA from the University of Manitoba’s School of Art. His video work uses experimental techniques to explore the beauty within imperfection, human perception and memory. The video footage is manipulated, and imperfections in the data caused by the technology are used to make the medium more self-evident, and create a lo-fi aesthetic. His work has been included in many exhibitions and screenings across Canada and the USA.

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