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samedi 16 juin 2007

Toshio Matsumoto - Experimental Film Works, 1961-1987 (2005)

The Weavers of Nishijin (1961)

The Song of Stone (1963)

Mothers (1967)

For the Damaged Right Eye (1968)

Ecstasis (1969)

Metastasis (1971)

Expansion (1972)

Mona Lisa (1973)

Andy Warhol - Re-production (1974)

Atman (1975)

Phantom (1975)

Everything Visible Is Empty (1975)

Enigma (1978)

White hole (1979)

Ki or Breathing (1980)

Connection (1981)

Relation (1982)

Sway (1985)

Engram (1987)

10 commentaires:

Filmer a dit…

Great stuff. It's lucky for people that you post this experimental film. But files is one of the worst file sharing services there is. Impossible to download all of these in less than a few weeks!

filmer a dit…

I want you to know that I appreciate it very much when someone makes something like these films available. But they are useless if you can't download them. I have totally given up on files It is a totally shit service.

Anonyme a dit…

…too bad, all the links on the website seem to be dead. Any chance of a reup? All the things you posted look so fantastic, I dan´t even know wich one I would like to see most :-)

Anonyme a dit…

whered you go ?:(

Julie a dit…

I agree with filmer.
I loooove what you upload. But files upload wont let me download a thing.
Ok, it will download and then it says it's finished, but when you play it, it only is 1 minute or even less. And it keeps on doing that. :(

I recommand you use, so far I find it to be the best of uploading sites, since you also don't have a waiting time.:)

Thank you though for keeping up the great site :D

Zonekiller a dit…

Great Work!
Where are you?

Emil a dit…

essaie megaupload ils ne sont pas trés regardant sur les histoires de copyright.

Je pense qu'écouter du Merzbow ça doit donner envie de voir des trucs aussi baré que ça.

Ca me fait peur, ce genre de truc complétement gore, conceptuel/scato. mais c'est cool. continue.

Anonyme a dit…

thanks, but did you die?

armeur H a dit…

where are you ? what are you doing ? We need you !

オテモヤン a dit…